Natalie Alexander’s I Don’t Want to Catch My Breath Hits 1 Million Plays on Retail Radio Network!

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2017 – (Los Angeles, CA) – Natalie Alexander’s single I Don’t Want to Catch my Breath off her self-titled debut EP Natalie Alexander has now been played over 1 MILLION TIMES in national retailers across the country through What’s In Stores Radio Network, making her one of the nation’s breakout country artists of the year on the Retail Radio Network Charts! Tens of millions of customers of some of the biggest retailers in the country have now heard Natalie Alexander’s music.  If you happened to be shopping in Best Buy, or Men’s Wearhouse, or getting a sandwich at Subway or hanging out last week in any of the numerous, national retail outlets that are a part of What’s In Stores Radios Network, then you likely heard I Don’t Want to Catch my Breath played right alongside some of the biggest names in country music.


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